Dancers Writing is dedicated to writings concerned with the (symbiotic relationship between) dancing, performing, choreographing, and writing. Dancers Writing is dedicated to studying named subjects, their relatedness; and to formulating language ‘from within’.

At one time or another I’d call the kind of writing published on this website ‘independent journalism’. The motivation behind this ‘label’ is simple. The texts published are intended to be informative, as journalism is – except that they are not written by journalists and are not trying to be score as ‘good journalism’. Instead, the texts are interested in formulating informative language with regards to the writer’s practical experience with the analysed topics and the writer’s practical experience with writing being primarily an artistic practice.

What this means is that the kind of writing this website encourages might (on occasion) come out syntactically intricate, and as such take ‘extra effort’ on the part of the reader to access the text’s content. To this I say – the content of this website is not only in the meaning of the words. It is also in the syntax, the methodology, the process of bringing this whole project about.

I wish you the best and most informative time at dancerswriting.wordpress.com.

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